BooglenhouseBooglehouse is the name of my multimedia business. It’s also the name of our house.

Booglehouse is a name Deanna invented when we were house hunting in 2006. Our agent showed us a place that was over 100 years old. It was small. It had serious water damage. It looked like it hadn’t been updated in thirty years. Prior to that, it had clearly endured at least two major remodels resulting in a bizarre floor plan. The upstairs gave our real estate agent the creeps. “You can go up if you want. I’m staying here.”

The stairs led to a tunnel of a hallway with a five-foot ceiling which opened onto what was once the attic. The entire area had been split into two bedrooms and all of the walls–even the dormers–were made of lovingly-fitted dark paneling that would make a splendid addition to even the finest circa 1970 manufactured home. It was such a weird addition the real estate listing didn’t even include it in the square footage.

We looked at several more houses but we kept talking about the “boogled” house. When we asked our agent to take us around for another look, she thought we were kidding.

After two more visits we submitted ourselves to the real estate meat grinder. Sitting in a dreary, claustrophobic conference room with failing florescent lighting, we digested and signed a pile of legal documents that would give even the most battle-hardened bureaucrat a brain embolism.

After the first hour, they could have put anything in front of me and I would have signed it. At one point I think I actually signed away the mineral rights on the property.

And yet we were giddy: We both love home improvement projects and, since the place was already fairly screwed up, we could be creative and take some real chances. By that time, not only were we referring to it as Booglehouse, I had designed our logo and had some coffee mugs made at

When it rains and the wind blows in just the right way, the roof leaks in several places. There aren’t nearly enough outlets and finding one that is actually grounded is a crap shoot.

Parts are still weird.

Deanna and I both agree: This is, by a long shot, the coolest place we have ever lived.

Booglehouse has a new detached studio facility where we have our recording equipment, production computers, drums, piano, guitars and plenty of space to work. This is where we hope to be working on your project very soon.


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