My work on the Web

This is a site I created for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township.

Achieve Virtual Academy


This is a companion site I created for the WFYI television series, Indiana Expeditions. It is also a teacher resource.

Indiana Expeditions


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. My client wanted a web presence with SEO for plumbers in Noblesville. He also wanted it to pop on a smart phone. Most small businesses don’t have big multimedia budgets. This worked in his favor. People tend to equate expensive looking plumbing Web sites with expensive plumbers. So I kept it basic and maybe even a wee bit garish when viewed in a full browser. I got him great placement on Google (look up “Noblesville plumbers”). The site paid for itself in the first month and several times over since.

Thornton Plumbing


Here is another companion Website for the award-winning WFYI series, The Natural Heritage of Indiana.  There is also a video gallery where I broke down the entire series into short clips and featured them in a Flash-driven video gallery.

Full Site Video Gallery

Newsletter: The Natural Heritage of Indiana: One of several newsletters I created for WFYI, this one for their wonderful series, The Natural Heritage of Indiana. i love re-purposing media and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. All of the images are stills I lifted from the series.