Enoch Gamoian

Enoch Gamoian

Enoch Gamoian holds a BA in English from CSU, Fresno and studied secondary education at Chapman College. In the last thirty years he has been an award-winning multimedia developer, touring musician, writer, radio personality, filmmaker, composer, teacher, program director, and sound engineer. He recently learned enough about construction to convert his 1950′s, cinder block garage into a soundproof production facility and high definition, 3D screening room.

He lives for learning new skills and technologies.

In the five years he worked for Granite Broadcasting, he won several awards for web development, designed an in-house video network, saving Granite over $60,000 per year, wrote a weekly blog for NBC affiliate, KSEE 24, voiced dozens of commercials, wrote and hosted as many as three feature news packages per week and learned enough about meteorology to be a fill-in weatherman.

Enoch currently works at the local library.

He lives in Booglehouse, in Noblesville, Indiana with his daughter, Anna. His hobbies include cooking, getting in way over his head with DIY projects, writing, recording and composing. He is currently working on a sequel to his first album of original music.